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Aug 16, 2013 8:00am PDT
the situation in egypt from martha's vineyard where he is on vacation . he condemned the violence, but stopped short of calling it a coup or announcing cuts to the $1.5 billion in aid to egypt's military. >> while we want to sustain our relationship with egypt, our traditional cooperation cannot continue as usual when civilians are being killed in the streets and rights are being rolled back. as a result, this morning we notified the egyptian government that we are canceling our biannual joint military exercise , which was scheduled for next month. going forward i have asked my team to assess the implications of the actions taken by the interim government and further steps that we may take as necessary with respect to the u.s.-egyptian relation. >> the state department spokesperson said the administration is reviewing aid to egypt and all forms. we will get an update from cairo with sharif abdel kouddous later .n the broadcast the washington post reports the national security agency has broken privacy rules or overstepped its legal authority thousands of times each year since it w
Aug 6, 2013 8:00am PDT
actual communities needed. >> tells about martha biggs in chicago. >> incredible mother of four he spent about a decade homeless in south side chicago. she was evicted twice. finally she said, i don't want my family to be sleeping in my minivan and have these think owned homes creating crime, creating. othersalong with rehabbed a bank owned home and she and her family liberated it and they still live there. >> in north carolina we see moral monday's. tell us the story about greg. >> he spent about 10 years legally fighting incredibly conjugated foreclosure in which he dealt with every single major perpetrator of these crimes. wells fargo, gmac, the robo signing -- everything. he got more than 40 foreclosure filings over the course of a decade. one time he got it dismissed. two days later he received a new one in the mail. history demonstrates the way wall street had actually no idea what they were doing through the foreclosure crisis. and there's no reason we should continue to allow them to break these laws. >> in your book, there are numerous images of quilts, what are labeled "f
Aug 15, 2013 8:00am PDT
. >> that was josh earnest come spokesperson for the white house, speaking in martha's vineyard were the obama's are on vacation. chris toensing, talk about the u.s. response. well, i think there's been quite muted, although it has been described by the washington post and elsewhere as a condemnation, was not a very sharp condemnation i think in the clip that you played from secretary john kerry at the outset of this story here. i think the second sentence of his mouth was that he called on both sides to exercise restraint and to pull back from the brink of constipation. -- consternation. that is a way of inflicting the blame should fall squarely on the shoulders of the military junta. >> i want to go to what john kerry said yesterday. >> today's events are deplorable and they run counter to egyptian aspirations for peace, inclusion, and genuine democracy. egyptians inside and outside of the government need to take a step act. they need to calm the situation. they need to avoid further loss of life. we also strongly oppose a return to a state of emergency law, and we call on the governme
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)